ICPF / University of Texas - Arlington Lab Dedication
On October 28, ICPF conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication at ICPF's most recently established packaging design lab in the graphic design school at the University of Texas - Arlington (UT-A). The Arlington campus program included a presentation and interactive lunch between ICPF corporate partners and students, as well as AICC Region 4 participants who conducted their regional meeting on the campus immediately afterwards. The outgoing AICC Region 4 Director, Jana Harris (Harris Packaging) who serves as an ICPF representative on the UT-A packaging advisory board, announced with her sister Jenise Cox that Harris Packaging would be providing a Joe Harris scholarship for UT-A packaging students in honor of their father who was present for the announcement.  For more information on the UT-A packaging program, e-mail info@icpfbox.org