The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) mission is to grow the labor force of the corrugated packaging industry now and into the future.

Strategic Initiatives:
  • Build partnerships at all levels of the education community to identify and attract students to the corrugated packaging industry. Connect box plants to schools in their communities.
  • Establish relationships with local organizations and governments to promote jobs for workers in the corrugated packaging industry.
  • Conduct labor-related research to identify opportunities and programs that support recruiting professionals in the corrugated industry.
  • Generate metrics that track the effectiveness of recruitment programs.
  • Manage an endowment fund that provides funding for recruitment and training efforts in the corrugated packaging industry.
  • Provide training and professional development opportunities to potential and existing employees.
  • Leverage technology to automate, innovate and reinvent business processes to improve efficiency and connectivity with stakeholders.

Operating Principles:
  • Conduct all business and outreach activities of ICPF in a lawful and ethical manner.
  • Be open and transparent with the ICPF Board in all actions of the foundation.
  • Respect all individuals through diversity, equity, and inclusion in all programs.
  • Recognize that the foundation exists for the purpose of supporting members of the corrugated packaging industry.
  • Leverage the coordinated strengths of ICPF, AICC and FBA.